Baby Wipes – not just for babies’ bums!

Baby wipes are a common house hold item by now, but most people still think they are meant for use only on baby bums and occasionally to clean your hands when you have no soap and water. But there is more to the wet wipe than meets the eye!   We have collected 8 uses for wet wipes that you

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6 Types of wet wipes you absolutely must pack for your upcoming vacation

Summer is here and vacation season is starting! Whether you already know where you’re going or still looking for the best deal or most exotic destination, you will need to pack. We’re not here to tell you how to pack or what’s the latest trend in beach wear this year. We’re here to let you know that you need wet

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Pet care Wet wipes – when your pet doesn’t like to get wet!

Continuing with our series of wet wipes for different users we decided to write about the less known and less used type of wipes – the pet wipes! Our pets are our fur babies, everybody knows that. As such, they deserve their own “baby wipes”. Manufacturing wipes for pets requires special know-how. With humans, lots of testing and regulation is

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Adult care wet wipes – the easier way to care for the ones you love

Taking care of elderly loved ones is never an easy task. It is something loaded with emotions and love, as well as an enhanced sense of responsibility and often, humility. One of the most difficult things in adult care and using wet wipes, is that they are usually associated with baby care. For an elderly person who loses the ability

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Feminine care – Up close and personal with the intimate wet wipe

Wet wipes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, scents and uses. Most people automatically think of baby care when we talk about “wet wipes”, but nowadays you can find great wet wipes for anything from house cleaning, through automotive and all the way to pet care. Still personal hygiene (for babies, adults and women) is still the most

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Innovation meets practicality – reinventing wet wipes

[Featured Image in this post credit to Katie Reyes for Savvy Sassy Moms] Diapers, Wipes, Hand sanitizer changing pad, bottles, pacifier, diaper rash cream, snacks, extra clothes, and lots and lots more… Every parent knows the drill of packing the perfect diaper bag. God forbid we should forget one little thing. Every brand addressing parents or babies, looks for ways to

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To Flush or not to Flush – the wet wipe that is…

Flushable toilet wipes are not a new invention. There are many wet wipes pertaining to be flushable or at the very least degradable out there. However, not all flushables wipes are made equal and not every nonwoven wipe is flushable to begin with. To truly discern a flushable wet wipe from a non-flushable wet wipe, we need to first understand

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Meet Wetnaps at PLMA 2016 in Amsterdam!

Wetnaps is a veteran Private Label and Contract manufacturer of wet wipes with a proven track record of success, quality and creativity. Our various formulas for different types of wet wipes and   product categories have been developed by experts, tested, approved and used by many companies and their end consumers. This year we will present our latest innovation: The Clean
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