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Your label. Our responsibility.

Company profile

Since 1994, Wetnaps has offered one stop shop, tailor-made solutions for our family of top-brand clients. Whether your company requires Baby Care solutions, Cosmetics & Skin products, Household & Pet items, DIY or any other solutions – We probably already have what you desire, or we will create them for you. We “never say never”.

Our expertise in wet wipes and our passion for invention and state-of-the-art research means that whatever your product, we can take care of it: from development to production to folding, packaging and labeling of the finished product, according to your most exacting specifications, and within your time limits, wherever you are around the world. Our team of talented, dedicated industry professionals is here for you. Your brand success is our business.

Our Mission Statement

The Best Choice for Your Label

Wetnaps offers state of the art solutions for every phase of your label’s production. We are committed to utilizing imagination, expertise and top of the line technology and to make your product the best it can be. Wetnaps is among world’s most professional one-stop shop for wet wipe solutions for private label and global brand wholesalers.

Ilan de Vries, CEO


Dedicated to your Label's Success

Wetnaps was founded in 1994 and today is one of the globally renowned manufacturers of wet wipes for a wide variety of market segments. We passionately create new ways of using wet wipes, while constantly improving our technologies and raising our product standards.

We Take Care of Your Label

Our in-house R&D capabilities are translated into personal service, attentiveness and flexibility. Attention to market needs means that we never say “never” – if you require a specific kind of wet wipe, we have it or we’ll make it especially for you. This one-stop-shop approach gives you the edge you need in the market and guarantees that your brand will always be treated as our own “baby”.

The Best Choice for Your Label

At Wetnaps you will find a team that works together for your success, with talent and drive to find the best possible solutions to match the highest requirements. We use our industry expertise to improve your product value, reduce your costs and gain market advantage.

Market Presence

Wetnaps manufacturers wet-wipe products for clients around the world. Whether you are from Belgium, California or Thailand – you can rely on us to meet the highest international standards and provide timely deliveries, just as if you were our next door neighbor.


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