Commitment to Sustainability

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The Wetnaps Commitment to Sustainability

Community thoughtfulness and caring is an essential ingredient in everything we do. From donating to numerous worthy causes to the exacting treatment and disposal of hazardous materials and waste at our plant, we make it our job to care. We recycle all cardboards, plastics, waste and other materials, and we strive to save as much energy as possible in all our procedures. We also do all we can to care for the environment through careful adherence to the strictest international standards for treatment of materials and waste management.

Wetnaps’ environmental responsibility

Wetnaps is careful to manufacture its products in an ecological manner that does not harm the environment and ensures maximal life cycle of all raw materials.

Wetnaps approach is based on the Cradle to Cradle model (C2C), and encourages purchasing recyclable and biodegradable materials. Our production process is almost entirely free of contaminants and non-decomposable waste.

The added value of Wetnaps products

Purchasing Wetnaps products guarantees proper use of natural resources in preparation and prevention of environmental pollution during the production process, with minimum creation of non-biodegradable waste.

Wetnaps customers contribute to the protection of the environment by purchasing our products and thus reducing environmental pollution caused by the use of non-ecological elements. Wetnaps properly implements sustainability and ensures that people will continue to enjoy quality products, while protecting the planet.


Monthly Consumption: 600 cubic meters
Recycling and Reuse: 96.5%
How? By desalination and filtration of all development and production systems.


Maintaining a low level of waste. How? By ensuring high operation and production efficiency.

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