Pet care Wet wipes – when your pet doesn’t like to get wet!

Continuing with our series of wet wipes for different users we decided to write about the less known and less used type of wipes – the pet wipes!

Our pets are our fur babies, everybody knows that. As such, they deserve their own “baby wipes”. Manufacturing wipes for pets requires special know-how. With humans, lots of testing and regulation is in place and manufacturers have specific guidelines and rules to follow. We know what materials we can or cannot use, what standard and QA testing is required etc.

With pet care it is important to know which substances you can use for each species (and sometimes even breed) of animal as some are sensitive to one substance but not to another. It is also important to create wipes that are not heavily scented as animals’ noses are more sensitive than ours.  Finally, it is important to understand the function of the wipe before making it because for each body part, animal and condition there should be a designated wipe.

puppy-1022421_1920Today you can find pet care wet wipes, for eyes, ears, or dental cleansing (with boric acid, potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, sodium borate) for dogs, cats, horses, and even birds.

When would you use wet wipes for pets?

  • When you’re outside on the go and have no access to a bath
  • When you need to clean a small area and/or the animal is sensitive (e.g cats and their ears)
  • When you just need to clean your pet a bit from dust, sand or dirt
  • When you want to help your pet cool down on a hot day but can’t or don’t want to wash it.

The most common use for pet care wipes is on cats and dogs. This is because dogs can be washed but they often hate it and cats… well…. they really hate showers!

wet-calicoBoth dogs and cats have sensitive ears and eyes so when using wipes take extra care and make sure you use only the best quality and recommended brands (the ones that have been approved and inspected properly).

In some cases, you can use regular unscented baby wipes on your pet but we highly recommend against that because the special pet wipes have a Ph that is adjusted to the animal and is different than human skin Ph!


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