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At Wetnaps we address a wide variety of cosmetic needs and skin types with specially devised formulas, products and packages. Our flexibility and adaptability enable us to develop trendy new products, such as anti-aging and cell rejuvenation treatment wipes. All cosmetic goods are manufactured separately, and all formulations undergo strict dermatological testing to guarantee total satisfaction.

Make-Up Removal Wipes

Cleanses & removes make-up and mascara. Hypo-allergenic perfume, alcohol free, balanced pH, dermatology tested.

Waterproof Mascara Removal Wipes

Specially formulated to easily remove water proof mascara. Hypo-allergenic, dermatological tested, leave skin smooth and fresh, perfect for oily or dry skin.

Deodorant Wipes

With gentle fragrance, these wipes provide long-lasting protection and comfort against odor and wetness. Hypo-allergenic perfume, low-percent alcohol, balanced pH, with no aluminum salts. For both men and women.

After Shave Fragranced Wipes

In a Variety of fragrances, theses wipes disinfect and clean face. Hypo-allergenic perfume, alcohol free, balanced pH.

Hair Color Removal Wipes

Removes hair dye from skin after coloring. Convenient for private use or salon use. Contains nourishing ingredients of Aloe Vera, chamomile and enriched oils.

Ecological Eye & Make-Up Removal Wipes

Gently clean make up and waterproof mascara. All natural ingredients. Fabric made of 100% natural biodegradable fiber. No parabens, alcohol, harsh preservatives or artificial colors. Packaging is eco-friendly, made of natural chalk, 100% recyclable.

Anti-aging set of 3

1. Anti-aging cleansing wipes – Enriched lotion formula for advanced cell revival with rejuvenation factor. Keeps skin fresh and clean.
2. Pore Cleaning Wipes – Deep cleansing & disinfecting formula. Contains Hamamelis & Chamomile extracts with gentle perfume.
3. 3 in 1 Wipe – Peeling, cleaning and moisturizing. Double sided fabric – coarse side for scrubbing and soft side for smoothing. Contains Dead Sea minerals.

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