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Global consumers constantly look for new ways to save time and energy by using specially designed cleaning wipes. The number of possible uses of such technologically advanced formulated wipes is seemingly endless.

We manufacture a wide range of wet wipes for industrial end-users, in numerous categories, fabrics, formulations and packages. Wetnaps has selected and developed the most advanced products for industrial use that include different packages and industrial-strength formulations, to ensure full consumers satisfaction.


Specially designed wipes for vehicle use – for polishing, disinfecting, protecting surfaces and thoroughly cleaning hands after touching greasy parts.


DO IT YOURSELF products keep any work area clean and spotless. Effortlessly wipe away stains, paint and dirt. Keep tools and hands clean and hygienic.


Wipes designed for use all around the house, from the floors up. So you can wipe down surfaces and clean away stains, leaving your household environment looking clean and smelling fresh.


Keep your office clean and disinfected with wipes specially designed for office surfaces, furniture, computer screens, and other office equipment.


You can’t maintain a flourishing garden without getting your hands dirty. Use our specially designed wipes for outdoor use, to keep your hands and tools effortlessly clean.


We all love pets, but tending to them can be a messy business. Our unique line of products helps cleaning up after pets all around the house.

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