Summer is here and vacation season is starting! Whether you already know where you’re going or still looking for the best deal or most exotic destination, you will need to pack. We’re not here to tell you how to pack or what’s the latest trend in beach wear this year. We’re here to let you know that you need wet wipes. And not just any wet wipes… but you need several types of wet wipes.
That’s right, we said “several types” because not all wet wipes are created equal and each type has its own use and purpose. Now, you may be thinking this is nonsense “I’ll just buy my favorite brand of baby wipes and take a pack with me”, but you’d be wrong. You see, we know how those wet wipes are made and what goes into their production. Contrary to what you may know or believe there is a lot of research and science behind production of wet wipes.
Our R&D department works overtime to come up with better, safer, more efficient formulas all the time. So take our word for it – you need more than one type of wipe.

We made a list of 6 types of wet wipes that you should consider packing:

1. Flushable wet wipes
2. Make up removal wipes
3. Disinfecting wet wipes
4. General cleaning wipes
5. Deodorant wipes
6. Intimate wet wipes
7. Bonus: Pet wipes (if you take your best friend with you)

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Flushable Wet Wipes

As we already explained in a previous post, not all wipes that say “flushable” on the package are truly dispersible. This means they do not really break up and disintegrate in water.
Flushable (and we mean the truly dispersible ones) wet wipes, are important when you’re out and about because you won’t always have access to toilet paper but you still want (at least we hope so) to keep our planet clean and safe. Especially when travelling with a caravan for example, or when camping, using dispersible wipes helps reduce the amount and volume of garbage.

Makeup Removal Wet Wipes

If you’re a woman travelling, you’re aware of the need to carry as little with you as possible (yes yes, we know we all want to bring the entire house with us!) and be as efficient as possible. Add to that airline restrictions on liquids and creams and you could really find yourself in a bind! Good high quality make-up removal wipes can solve a very big problem of space and substance!

Disinfecting Wet Wipes

Not many people think of those when they travel but they’re important! You will often find yourself in public toilets (even on the plane) or in spaces where you will want to make sure you’re safe when touching, even a door handle. Disinfecting wipes usually contain alcohol and they’re great for cleaning toilet seats before use and of course your hands.

General Cleaning Wet Wipes

This one is a bit tricky. On the one hand, you are on vacation! What’s cleaning got to do with anything?! On the other hand, if you’re camping, travelling in a caravan or staying in a holiday apartment (self-catering holiday) you will need a way to keep your environment clean without carrying or having to spend money on cleaning product. General cleaning wipes are great for dusting, counter cleaning and even floor cleaning if necessary.

Deodorant Wet Wipes

Vacation is fun! It’s often about rest and relaxation in the sun or outdoors. It is also about hiking, cycling or just walking around beautiful cities. Whatever your ideal vacation looks like, you are likely to need and want to freshen up a bit every now and then throughout the day. Deodorant wet wipes can be a quick and easy solution to feel fresh, smell good and be able to carry on about your day without having to cut it in the middle for a shower at the hotel.

Intimate Wet Wipes

For the same reason the deodorant wet wipes and the flushable wet wipes, we believe that women should always carry a pack of intimate wipes. Nothing could be more discouraging than feeling unclean or uncomfortable – especially when you are on vacation! You need to be confident, feel relaxed and be able to wear whatever you want whenever you want to! Once again wipes (especially if they are also flushable) can save you space and weight in our suitcase and help you avoid airport safety hassle.

Dog at seaBonus: Pet Wet Wipes

If your pet is traveling with you, you will want to make sure it is comfortable, clean and healthy. After all, they’re on vacation too! You want them to have fun running around the beach, going for a swim, rolling in the grass or sticking their head out the car window! But you also want them tick free, clean and nice smelling. This is important not just for the pet’s health but also for your own peace of mind. Many hotels and resorts allow pets but a dirty smelly pet won’t cut it… Pet wet wipes can help you maintain your pet’s cleanliness and well being while on vacation.

Can you think of more types of wipes to pack? Let us know!

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