Innovation meets practicality – reinventing wet wipes

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Diapers, Wipes, Hand sanitizer changing pad, bottles, pacifier, diaper rash cream, snacks, extra clothes, and lots and lots more… Every parent knows the drill of packing the perfect diaper bag. God forbid we should forget one little thing.

Every brand addressing parents or babies, looks for ways to innovate in a market segment that is one of the hardest and slowest to change.

In general, it’s usually hard to find products that are beautifully designed and practical at the same time so innovation focuses on either one.

But what if there was another way, a better way?

We had to ask ourselves – what can be possibly be innovated in the wet wipes market?

To have 2 different raw materials that can not touch each other and yet must be on the same pack. Moreover, how to combine 2 different production lines into one final product – these were the challenges we were facing during development.

Clean & Cream by WetnapsWe found a way to innovate both the design and the practicality of what are probably the two most important items in the diaper bag: the wet wipes and the baby bum cream.

The Clean & Cream concept was conceived by a busy mother who also happens to be a designer. She wanted a solution for one unified product that she can carry around that will be easy to use and last long.

The Clean & Cream is a pack of wet wipes combined with a cartridge of cream that can be refilled or completely replaced when it runs out.

Although the original concept and invention were aimed at innovating baby products, we can think of many more uses for the Clean & Cream such as:

  •       Makeup removal wipes combined with moisturizer
  •       Medical wipes with compatible cream
  •       Sanitizing wipes with hand cream
  •       Hemorrhoid cream with flushable toilet wipes 

What People say about the Clean & Cream

The following are real customer reviews from one of the chains carrying our Clean & Cream innovative products:

“The clever packaging of these wipes means that you will always have nappy cream to hand when ever you need it. It also lightens the load in your changing bag and would be perfect for holidays.”

“Having said that, it would be useful for holidays to avoid having to take a separate tube of cream.”

” Loved the little pot of cream, why didn’t someone think of doing that sooner!! ”


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