Baby Wipes – not just for babies’ bums!

Baby wipes are a common house hold item by now, but most people still think they are meant for use only on baby bums and occasionally to clean your hands when you have no soap and water.

But there is more to the wet wipe than meets the eye!


We have collected 8 uses for wet wipes that you may not know about yet!


Wet wipes are great to shine leather!

Yes, that’s right! Use wet wipes to clean and shine your shoes, leather jackets or purses. Wipes are a quick and easy fix to looking great and keeping your leather items in tip top shape!

Remove stains from fabrics!

Wet wipes are great to remove almost any stain (even fruit and wine stains!) from carpets, curtains and clothes. Our favorite tip is actually to brides – keep a pack of wet wipes with you and occasionally wipe the hem of your dress (especially if it’s long and drags on the floor!) to make sure your dress is sparkling white throughout the day!

Keep your bridal attire clean with wet wipes

The best tip for brides: Keep a pack of wet wipes with you! They’ll shine your shoes and keep your dress clean on the big day!

Remove deodorant marks from clothes!

Get rid of those pesky white marks under your arms and save your favorite shirts, by simply using a wet wipe on the spots!

Freshen up your drawers!

To keep your drawers freshly scented you can use a whole wet wipe or cut them into little pieces, add a few drops of essential oil to the wipe and place them inside the drawers. This will keep your clothes and items from absorbing the smell of wood and every time you open a drawer you will be greeted by a fresh scent.

Freshen up your drawers with wet wipes

Keep your drawers fresh

Soothe your skin!

Mosquito and other bug bites or sun burns as well as mild cuts and scrapes can easily be soothed by using a wet wipe on your skin. Skin allergies can be eased too (if you use a hypoallergenic wipe).

Keep your keyboard clean!

If you turn your keyboard over and shake it gently from time to time, you’ll get rid of dust and debris accumulated between the keys. After you do that, use wet wipes to clean the keys and get rid of the gooey mess between the keys. Make sure your keyboard is unplugged before you do this!

Decrease and even stop fur shedding!

If you have a pet, you know how hard it is to control shedding. A wet wipe (you may actually want to use a designated pet wipe for this one) can easily stop the shedding. Wipe your pet to have the moisture from the wipe stick to the loose fur and remove it, leaving your pet smelling fresh and your house clean!

cleaning girl with products

Wet wipes are great for general cleaning and will make your life easier 🙂

General Cleaning

Baby wipes are great for general cleaning especially on two surfaces you probably didn’t think of! One is walls – provided they painted with an acrylic or plastic paint. Baby wipes will do an awesome job removing pesky stains from walls.

Leather upholstery – baby wipes do great at shining leather, as we already mentioned, so imagine how easy it is to keep your leather upholstered chairs and sofas clean and fresh with wipes!

Baby wipes can also be used to cleaned tiled walls and even the toilet seat in the bathroom. A quick and easy wipe down can keep your bathroom clean and fresh smelling until your next general house clean.

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