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Quality & Environmental Policy

Wetnaps management takes full commitment to set Quality and Environmental policy as its basic foundation.

The purpose of this policy is to achieve full satisfaction from its clientele while keeping away any environmental hazard.

This policy takes in account the need to be competitive by keeping low costs and high level of quality.

The execution of its policy implements an integrated management system based on ISO standards: ISO 9001:2008 ; ISO  14001:2004;  ISO  22716:2007;.

Under its integrated management system, Wetnaps takes full responsibility on the following:

To act in continual improvement in quality system, to set measured goals as a base for non-stop improvement.
To keep from any pollution hazard and to minimize its impact on the environment.
To fulfill any regulatory instructions on its products, to follow and perform all environmental and good manufacturing practices directives.
To act by good manufacturing practices in hygiene and cleanness environment to achieve the best quality at the plant premises.
To implement the commitment to employees rights and improving working conditions.
To keep and act for high maintenance equipment in the plant.

The above policy will be published to its workers, suppliers and will be available for all who are interested on its site.

The CEO and the management are committed to fulfill the above policy by allowing all resources needed.

This policy and its fulfillment will be monitored and altered from time to time during management survey.​

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