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At Wetnaps we understand that wet wipes need to be developed and formulated for each specific usage.

This is particularly true for feminine hygiene wipes which needs to be developed and formulated for the women sensitive intimate area.

Feminine hygiene wipes help to remove odor-causing bacteria; it gently cleans and freshens up.

It comes in discreet various on the go format to be used whenever it is needed.

It can be developed on flushable fabric (*) so the wipe can be thrown in the toilet after use.

(*) According to EDANA/ INDA fluhsability guideline

Wetnaps Feminine hygiene wipes formulations are

  • Adapted to the pH level of the intimate area
  • Can be based on natural anti-itching and cleansing actives
  • Gentle formulations that do not irritate sensitive skin
  • Alcohol-free and hypoallergenic formulations
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